Sports Athlete Representation

Virginia & Maryland Sports Law Attorneys

For most young athletes who have played basketball at the collegiate level, their goal after graduation is to play professional basketball. However, not every athlete receives the opportunity to compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) or even in the NBA D-League. So, what are the options for a player to continue their basketball career?

At Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P, we help our clients obtain professional basketball opportunities outside the United States. There are over a hundred countries in the world that have basketball leagues, consisting of thousands of professional basketball teams. Each of these organizations are always actively seeking players from the United States to play competitively with their team.

With our contacts across the globe, our attorneys and agents, over the last three years, have helped nearly 200 players obtain opportunities to play internationally in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, South America, and of course, North America. These players have come from various backgrounds, including former NBA D-League players and NCAA All-Americans.

Not only do we assist players in obtaining opportunities to earn a roster spot with an international club, but we also assist in the drafting, negotiation, and consultation of basketball contracts. An athlete may have the talent to succeed on-the-court, but we make sure our clients have the long-term peace of mind to succeed off-the-court with proper legal and business protection and performance.

Whether an athlete has played college basketball at an NCAA Division-I, Division-II, or Division-III institution, or if they have played at an NAIA university or solely at the Junior College level, our attorneys at Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P. are here to help represent all basketball athletes in the best possible manner by providing them opportunities to start, or continue, their professional careers at the international level.