Employment & Labor

Employment/Labor LawIf you are looking to hire an individual, or you are, in fact, the one who is seeking to be hired, it becomes confusing as to whether the hired individual is supposed to be an employee or an independent contractor.

At Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P., we guide our clients in determining whether an individual should be classified as a W-2 employee or as a 1099 independent contractor. We further assist our clients in drafting and establishing the proper employment and/or independent contractor agreements, in order to ensure that all parties are in compliance with state labor laws, as well as having their respective rights protected based on the services being rendered.

What happens if you are/were an employee, but misclassified as an independent contractor? The attorneys at Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P. can work with you to determine if any misclassification has occurred, and if so, then proceeding to negotiate with your current or previous employer in order to ensure proper compensation is received, in order to get all parties back into compliance with the appropriate labor regulations.