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Our Attorneys Provide Sound Estate Planning Solutions

Dedicated advisers counsel clients in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Ohio

While it may be difficult to think about the consequences of an extended illness or death, it’s never too early to plan so that the people who depend upon you will be cared for. At Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P., we are experienced estate planning attorneys who help clients make legal arrangements to protect their loved ones no matter what happens. Representing individuals and families in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Ohio, we use legal instruments such as wills and trusts to safeguard and distribute assets. Depending on your family situation, our firm can also assist with other key documents including advance medical directives, guardianship instructions and power of attorney declarations. Whatever your needs might be, we will construct a comprehensive program tailored to your circumstances and objectives that also offers you peace of mind.

Lawyers that create wills and trusts to preserve and transfer assets

With an extensive background in estate planning and probate, our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to guide prospective clients through their options in these areas. In a free initial consultation, we’ll go over the ways we can help you, such as:

  • Drafting wills — An enforceable last will and testament is the cornerstone of an effective estate plan. Using our individualized approach, our lawyers make sure that your document has clear directions that leave the legacy you want.
  • Establishing trusts — Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy. These instruments can be structured to accomplish the objectives of their creators no matter how much value is at stake. We can outline the various options available, including living, testamentary, spendthrift, family, life insurance, and bypass trusts.
  • Creating power of attorney documents — The value of a potential estate can be reduced or even destroyed by medical expenses and other costs. Our firm works to create power of attorney documents to control healthcare decisions and appoint a trustworthy person to handle financial matters if you are incapacitated.
  • Revising existing plans — Even if you already have a will or other legal instruments to govern the dispersal of your property, it’s good to take a fresh look at the instructions every few years. If it’s time for a review, we’ll make any necessary revisions to ensure that your wills and trusts accurately reflect your current choices.

We will not “upsell” you unneeded instruments but will take your concerns to heart and go over each document with you carefully so you have a full understanding of your choices.

Proven firm establishes guardianships for children and disabled adults

Parents who are responsible for minor children or disabled adult sons and daughters have a special responsibility to plan for continued care. Our firm works with families to ensure that if children are orphaned, a trusted guardian has been named by parents to provide for their needs. We can go over the specific duties associated with guardianship and prepare the necessary documents. If you choose, we can also advise on financial arrangements you can make to fund your children’s care and education if you are not around.

Effective advocates guide clients through the probate process

If you’re the personal representative of a loved one’s estate, the probate process can make a difficult period worse. In situations involving intestacy, contested wills, and testamentary documents that are unchallenged, we guide clients through each important probate task. States have their own unique systems for the distribution of a decedent’s assets. Our firm examines the property and parties involved to find the best way to close the estate while avoiding unnecessary cost and hassle for our client.

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Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P. advises clients on a full range of estate planning issues in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Ohio. Please call 703-592-8577 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.